Monday, July 22, 2013

In training

I was never much of a consoler. I suck at trying to make people feel better then I start to mop. At times humor just can't cure everybody's sadness. Sometimes it's just by being there but when you're a million miles away, that'll be difficult too. xD Life is such a 'female dog'. That is why people THINK. If you gots no lemon to make lemonade, you'll make apple juice instead and it still tastes as good. It's the effort that counts people say. And I believe that is doggone true.

Mum said I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who would go through lengths for me; even when I don't deserve it. :) That's why I appreciate my friends..and I'd like to keep them with me till Jannah because I want to use that time to make up for everything; treat them as how they should be treated which is special.

So I need to brush up on my consoling skills. Hahaha! If they are able to make me smile after a bucket of tears so why can't I do the same?We give and take.

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