Thursday, January 31, 2013

A longtime wish

I am from a family of four. A mum, a dad, and a lil brother. Not so little anymore I might add. We compliment each other. One boy and one girl. That is how it is and always will be. The dynamic duo.

But I had this thing in my heart. Something that I kinda hope for but probably won't. I have always wanted a sister..older, younger I don't really care. As long as it's a girl.

Don't get me wrong. My brother is enough for me. The older he gets, the less fights we get into. Hahahaha! But..I wanted someone that I can relate to at home; when it comes to fashion, likings and ethica (etc). I envied those who have many sisters..they just seem cool. They can all wear pink together if they want to! Do their hair together. Tease about crushes..oh wait. That can be done by brothers too but you get my point.

I guess that is why I love being in college so much. Because I have so many sisters there. All..100+ of them. Some loud, some caring, some TOO CARING, some just plain annoying, some who eats a lot but never gain a pound (!) and some..are just plain angels. :)

If I feel like I'm under the weather, there are three to four people buying food, forcing me to take a cold shower, slap a cold fever over my head and nag. Lunching together seems normal; I'd look like a sad seahorse if I ate alone. Can you totally imagine a sad seahorse?? Cuz I can't. Anywhores..onward.

Studying together, going room to room then eventually sleeping in that room. But nobody really cares so it's fine. Doing things in a group like cycling, kite flying, roof climbing, and more -ing stuff. Whenever I need them, they're there. Which is great! So I suppose this is how having sisters feel like.

I guess I got my wish after all. *tee hee*


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