Wednesday, December 12, 2012

See about me

I've been crying
'Cause I'm lonely (for you)
Smiles have all turned to tears
But tears won't wash away the fears
That you're never ever gonna return
To ease the fire that within me burns

It keeps me crying baby for you
Keeps me sighin' baby for you
So won't you hurry ?
Come on, see about me
(Come see about me)
See about you baby

Sometime's up
Sometime's down
My life's so uncertain
With you not around
From my arms you maybe out of reach
But my heart says you're here to keep

Schedules. Running. Out. Of. Time.

Getting closer to January is a toughie. Everything is so messed up! Things to do..piling up day by day. Meetings. Discussions. Events. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Keeps me busy til I can't contact anybody. No time to even go to the bank and take out muneh. No time to even sit back and enjoy the clouds once in awhile. I desperately need to keep in contact with my loved ones.

My dearest lovies, I apologize for not being able to be there for you guys but hang on okay? Don't mean to do it but life is pushing my buttons. Support me and hope this crazed schedule will end. I'll keep in touch soon enough. Promise. ^^ Love youuu gaiissss.
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Red black hoods

Running at a slow pace, somehow the world seems quiet..

It's just me..heading towards the sunrise. Already at the top of the hill. Suddenly, noises came back. A bunch of excited squealish girls, all dressed in red and black. Music playing from hand phones, picture taking at every corner.

I guess I was never alone. :)

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Why do I feel suck-ier than before?

It's just not a way to start December. Heading to Pusat Islam for Subuh. Maybe that'll open my heart to see things clearly.

*bangs head to pillow*

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