Friday, November 23, 2012

Wishing for peace

Life is a whirlwind, isn't it? When you think you got it in the bag, life goes ahead and wallops you right in the chin. Although it may hurt but the experience is there. Nonetheless, it creates memories.

Lately a lot has been going on around the world. Some great. Some gruesomely horrible. Of course the recent worry is about our brothers and sisters in Gaza, holding on to every bit of life. The broadcasts, the pictures, the videos shown are just heart breaking. Truly truly heart breaking. When I thought people who overtake while driving are bad, I am presented with worse. I cannot digest the thought of people of the same species harming one of their own. It just does not seem right.

Every time I pray, I wish and want so badly that there shall be no more war instead present them with peace. All these things happen for a reason. It is a lesson for every one of us to tolerate one another, embrace each other's differences as to make the world a better place and perhaps keep it for a while longer. Allah would not hand us problems without having solutions.

Hang in there. I am sure that eventually things would get a whole lot better but nonetheless..I will keep on praying. When you feel that you've got no one, you will always have THE ONE in your heart.

Stop sighing and be thankful. A constant reminder for myself. :)


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