Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Love knows no boundaries. It could represent honey plus also a thousand bee stings. Love is universal. It can be forgiving yet relentless. I know love ever since I was brought into the world. My mother loved me even before I was born and my father loved me more than anyone else could. Those were the first people who taught me about love.
I never wondered much about love. I knew I’d feel it when I’m among family, friends, teachers,pets, unicorns, etc. Being with someone; aaaahh…that sort of love I have yet to feel but I would not want to worry about that. Being with someone does not mean you are supposed to love that person until you forget the world. Until you forget Allah S.W.T. Having to be with someone who loves you for who you are and is always a close reminder to you when it comes to the Almighty; now that is someone to have and to hold until eternity. Someone who would not make you cry over petty reasons. Would not force you to be anything that you are not. Someone who is halal for you. J Kak Te’ah once told me that if for instance I am in a relationship and it did not work out, never cry for that person because I will be questioned sooner or later. “Do not cry for a person, cry for Allah. You can cry for family, for friends but never for those who are not Muhrim.”
I will definitely take that into heart. I know along this journey of life, I will make countless mistakes. I am human after all. As long as I do not dwell on those mistakes and continue to find the right answers to them, I will end up fine.


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