Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby brotha

*When lil bro says "I love you"*

Stopped typing for awhile and stares at message til it becomes blurry. He said "I love you" and not even in the sarcastic-ee way or when he wants something from me. Not the first time he said it but once he does, I'm still taken aback by it.

Instantly going back into time, reminiscing on how we used to torture each other, fighting over everything, creating a ruckus til my poor parents got headaches. I never confided with him about anything before but now, everytime I'm back home; he is the only guy I go to for advice.

Now that I think about it, no matter how much we fought back then..I still love him no matter how much he gets on my nerves sometimes (all the time). He's my guy best friend. :)

*Slowly but surely, gained sane-ness back and typed "I love you too. Sweet dreams Del"*

We never really liked taking proper pictures that much anyways. :/


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