Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's hard to separate my mp4 device. I live for music and music lives within me. I like the fact that how songs can picture memories from my past without even trying. The fact that it sculpted my whole life without showing any effort. Listening to different genres can be refreshing. The clubby-sounding songs makes you wanna bang your head in unison to the beat without a care in the world who's watching. The one that talks about heart break makes you wanna grab a bucket of ice-cream, nodding to every lyric while thinking of what could've been. The ones that talk about friendship makes you wanna run down the hall, bursting into your friend's room and thanking her for existing. The ones that talk about family makes you wanna call your loved ones every second so that you don't let new memories go by.The ones that are filled with perverted language makes you wanna pull A REAL absurd face thinking why is this live on radio. xD

That's just it. Music makes you think. Music makes you look back. A sudden trigger within your heart and brain because you found things that relate to you through melody. Happy songs aren't just happy because of the beat. It is just a reminder to you that you managed to wake up the next morning, feeling alive. Sad songs aren't just emotional because of the slow rendition. It's because you thought about people and things when you were listening to it.

If I were to be deaf to the whole world and forever having tunes in my head, I think it'll be a very colorful world. :)


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