Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's hard to separate my mp4 device. I live for music and music lives within me. I like the fact that how songs can picture memories from my past without even trying. The fact that it sculpted my whole life without showing any effort. Listening to different genres can be refreshing. The clubby-sounding songs makes you wanna bang your head in unison to the beat without a care in the world who's watching. The one that talks about heart break makes you wanna grab a bucket of ice-cream, nodding to every lyric while thinking of what could've been. The ones that talk about friendship makes you wanna run down the hall, bursting into your friend's room and thanking her for existing. The ones that talk about family makes you wanna call your loved ones every second so that you don't let new memories go by.The ones that are filled with perverted language makes you wanna pull A REAL absurd face thinking why is this live on radio. xD

That's just it. Music makes you think. Music makes you look back. A sudden trigger within your heart and brain because you found things that relate to you through melody. Happy songs aren't just happy because of the beat. It is just a reminder to you that you managed to wake up the next morning, feeling alive. Sad songs aren't just emotional because of the slow rendition. It's because you thought about people and things when you were listening to it.

If I were to be deaf to the whole world and forever having tunes in my head, I think it'll be a very colorful world. :)
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Empty spaces that seems cramped

3rd semester has certainly started to catch up on me. Work load increasing, people are multiplying, etc..

I feel like my whole life is so cramped lately! Everyday is the same thing. Schedules are never ending. Meeting with the same faces who are probably trying to survive the semester with me. So packed. So packed. Yet, I have this emptiness feeling inside. Which is normal..humans are never satisfied with what they have.

Of course I would want everything and everyone around me when I'm doing my degree. Things seem a lot easier that way and I wouldn't have to miss people. WASTING all my tears because of the distance. Although it has been a year but yes, I still have the missing 'bug'. Why oh why won't you grow up Dae???

Growing up has nothing to do with missing at all~ but that's another point. Degree is usually where people start to learn to be independent and 'hardworking' and a whole lot better at rearranging their lives. Alas, I have come to a point that I'd probably reach that level of serious-ness when I'm working. Which will take ages!!

It's time for me to focus on what's important. But I just can't do that when my heart is telling me to think of other things. The focus is just not there. Why oh why? Brain and heart, please work together. All I'm getting is confusion. =.=
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You came but I still miss

This real loud budak came to UiTM out of the blue.HURRAH!

The date was 15th September 2012 and she went back the next day. Although it felt short but still very grateful that she managed to get down here all on her own. Which probably got her into trouble also! Next time bawak Kelo!

I'm sorry I didn't get to spend enough time with you or shown you more stuff or brought you elsewhere or at least got you your own bed to sleep on..I was in a daze. Still confused the moment you got here. Org JB nak mai Shah Alam jauh oh..but thank you. You have certainly made my YEAR. Now I can probably go for a year or two without meeting you. ECEH ayat. No worries..I'll try my best to go to JB someday.

Like I said, my apologies for the imperfections during the trip. Didn't know how to be a good hostess. But you were a great guest and thank goodness ramai lah jugak know you here. At least I didn't feel like I was leaving you alone always. You take care over there, okay? I know you're may have your moments of weakness but every normal human being has that. I am sure you would know what to do. You've got that sort of aura within you. People follow your every move as you have that leadership punya aura; which many are dying to have. So use it well.

No matter how far I am from you, I'm still around. If you need me, you've got my cellphone number. Take care of that heart of yours. <3

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