Monday, August 27, 2012

Beanie Baby

Today I accompanied my brother to the toy store to get his gf something. I'm like

"Awww~ why aren't you this sweet to me, beach??" But I put all my efforts in to help him. We got her a TIGGER. bouncing tigger. so kyuuute. 

Anywhos, I have grown accustomed to stuff toys because I'm a girl. If I can't find a present, a stuff toy would be the alternative. Who could resist hugging those lil squishy furry soft stuff? This might be a lil silly but..I keep every stuff toys my friends gave me. Can't leave without them. Except for Barbies. Got rid of them a long time ago. Creepy buggers. *Shudders*

I did the same thing with mum. I know, why give a mother a stuff toy? She's no teen. But I ran out of ideas! So i got her what represented me. A penguin pillow; for her to lean on when she's tired in the office. I had a feeling she wouldn't use it but it's the thought that counts. So long I left the feeling of whether it'll be meaningful to her.

Then that day come. I was folding clothes, minding my own bizwax when she was talking to dad..

"My students love my Beanie. Brought it to class today."

I didn't bother at first because THAT penguin is not a Beanie. A beanie is a collection of small stuffed bears. It hit me.

"Who gave you a Beanie, mum?" 

"Why you did!!"

Then I grinned. She does love it. Not the fact that it is just too adorable but it came from her daughter.


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