Monday, August 27, 2012

Stop this rain

They say that home is where the heart is. Home is family but my heart is never at my home.

It is all the way up, over the sea and beneath the stars.

My heart is where you are at.

Wherever you are. :p

Everibadi, puhlease drink lots of water because the weather is so hard to predict and people might get sick; which is horrifying!! Also to shower often because once you hit the rain, WHAM! you fall sick. Cold showers help apparently, all thanks to the advice given by kak teah..although i didn't enjoy the cold water hitting my scalp. toodalooo
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Beanie Baby

Today I accompanied my brother to the toy store to get his gf something. I'm like

"Awww~ why aren't you this sweet to me, beach??" But I put all my efforts in to help him. We got her a TIGGER. bouncing tigger. so kyuuute. 

Anywhos, I have grown accustomed to stuff toys because I'm a girl. If I can't find a present, a stuff toy would be the alternative. Who could resist hugging those lil squishy furry soft stuff? This might be a lil silly but..I keep every stuff toys my friends gave me. Can't leave without them. Except for Barbies. Got rid of them a long time ago. Creepy buggers. *Shudders*

I did the same thing with mum. I know, why give a mother a stuff toy? She's no teen. But I ran out of ideas! So i got her what represented me. A penguin pillow; for her to lean on when she's tired in the office. I had a feeling she wouldn't use it but it's the thought that counts. So long I left the feeling of whether it'll be meaningful to her.

Then that day come. I was folding clothes, minding my own bizwax when she was talking to dad..

"My students love my Beanie. Brought it to class today."

I didn't bother at first because THAT penguin is not a Beanie. A beanie is a collection of small stuffed bears. It hit me.

"Who gave you a Beanie, mum?" 

"Why you did!!"

Then I grinned. She does love it. Not the fact that it is just too adorable but it came from her daughter.
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