Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Provide me with time

This is study week.

Yet we spend this extra time to do our nails and play with our hair. We so semat like that. But I like it this way. Spending time with my favourite girls, listening to music that I'm not familiar with but regardless it is still melodious.

Wherever I'm at, I hope..that..they'll forever be by my side. Although some may leave, although some may have different interests but I pray that despite those changes, we'll still be the same. Loud and 'blue'. =.=

It is hard not to be emotionally attached. I say it to myself from time to time, "Dae, don't get too attached. There is no guarantee that they'll remain the same." Alas, I'm still smitten. I always get emotionally attached and that sucks. Then that day will come when people would have to say goodbye, heartache happens.

Left standing, watching them heading towards another direction. Knowing that it won't be the same anymore. No more greeting them in the corridor. No more playing the fool. No more making goofy mistakes then laugh about it. Creating the same memories with others is near to impossible.

Anyways, at least we had those moments and those moments I shall keep close to my heart. Locked in there so whenever I feel lonely, I'll just look back at the moments and think "Good times well spent."

Every single person that I have met with holds a piece of my heart. Even though I'm happy that they'll forever have a part of me with them but it still hurts when they leave. Like Voldemort and his Hocruxes. xD Once harmed, he losses a part of himself and slowly he dies. Gosh, I do not wanna be like that.

It is probably too fast to say but I love my gals. Whole-heartedly. Love is a big word and so is the meaning. But I guess I just do. I love them. :)
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Monday, June 18, 2012

3 b'days done simultaneously

Happy Birthday to Kak Te'ah, P-yie and Rin~~

We laughed a lot. We ran a lot. And we got dirty. Everybody just had to grab a handful of flour huh??

Thank you for being great friends. I am thankful for your presence. Live well and I hope that all three of you will gain success, happiness and love in the future. Please continue to stay by my side in this degree journey because once in awhile I need the support and I will always be there for you guys too. Never give up in life as at times there will be sad agendas but that is no reason to fall. I'll be there to pick you up when you're down.

Most importantly, be who you want to be.

*We were so convinced that only the b'day gal and guys would get dirty. How wrong were we?*

Very. xD

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Friday, June 8, 2012


When something takes over you, it can be a refreshing thing.

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