Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love of a Slipper

To think that I'm already blessed enough to have such a wonderful family, I get a jolt in my head saying, "I have great friends too!!"

This is my Kak Atie. Orang tua kompeni F.

Ever since I got into this 'komando' stuff, I met new people. All very kind and all very hands on. Always ready to lend a helping hand. So far aside from my partners in crime, Kak Atie has been the steady rock for all of us. The stubborn-ness of her personality is a nice balance with her extremely CARING side.

She's a busy lady. Hard to get a hold of her yet she makes time to ask whether or not we're okay..Are we eating enough, getting enough sleep, whether or not we need help with homework or if there's any complications with this new experience we're going through.

Always full of surprises too!! Never a day am I not taken aback by what she does and what she likes to do. She doesn't seem like the type who likes to read thriller novels yet she does. She doesn't seem like the type to have lots of stuff toys but she does. She doesn't seem like the type to make corny jokes or play around and yet there she is, fooling around. Such an odd creature. But that is what makes her lovable. ^^

Just tonight, I had in front of my door; a pair of chomel slippers for me to wear to toilet. The story is that I've been walking barefoot for more than a week because my slippers have worn out. I hadn't had the time to get a new one so I walk barefoot. She told me off so many times already so SMACK! She got me a slipper. AWWWW~

Thanks a bunch Akak. I have no words to express my gratitude but I guess this is how I express my feelings. I want to share to the whole world that you mean a lot to me. WOOH!

Bah2. I'm blabbering already. Lots of love, Dae.


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