Monday, April 9, 2012

Balls of endless confusion

I am not agitated neither am I upset but I am simply..confused.

There have been lots of events that happens on a daily basis but it is still manageable yet once in awhile unexpected events follow up so my mind is all boggled. People confuse me. They confuse me a lot. Even I too, am confused by myself at times where I don't get what is happening around me and why are things happening the way it is ...? see? confusion once more.

All I know is that people are just made imperfect and I should not make an effort in trying to understanding how they are because it will just make everything more weird and confusing. It is like you think you know the person then suddenly they turn into vampires at night and suck your blood!

That was just an example but you get what I mean? How would you feel if your good friend turned out to be a vampire and is only friends with you to gain blood? It hurts. Literally. That bite mark will never come off and I'll turn into a vampire as well. So long normal life. It's all about living in the dark,turning into a bat by night and sparkle whenever I'm in the sun.

I'm going off topic. ADD perhaps! All that I can say is that Confusing People, I love you guys but please don't expect me to understand you all the time because..I don't. As John Lennon says, "Let it be~~ Let it be! Let it be~~ Let it be~~" 
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sudden findings

MIA for quite sometime already..I have been busy but not that busy until I can't update my blog. It's just that..I..have no idea what to write. What would I say? "The toothpaste today is extra minty!" "I bought Teh O Ais/ Tea O Ice and it was real bitter." I can't put THAT in the blog because I am sure everybody could do the same. Ahah! Numerous times I logged in and I stop in my tracks at the New Post Section.

Well, I do have one topic to talk about. Have you ever encountered this one situation where a real good friend of yours has this habit of being upset over the fact that she/he can't be friends with you alone and hates that other people are friends with you? I just found out how that feels like and I must say I don't like it one bit. Other people get hurt, He/She is hurt and I am hurting as well.

First you're all nice and sweet with you but once I meet with other people, everything just changes. You're avoiding not only me but other friends and not a single glance from you. You know how much pain you're inflicting on us? It isn't fair for you to inflict your displeasure on us. Not fair at all. We have always wanted the best for you, grateful to have someone like you in our lives until you've shown how you really are. 

We're saying, "Oh. Maybe she/he has problems..that's why." Countless times we try to reassure ourselves but still you continue on this habit. Fine. Be that way. But know that if you ever wish to get back to where we were, it is still possible.

Friendship is like that. No grudges. No hate. Just acceptance.
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