Monday, February 13, 2012

Questionable Post

It's one day after the other and I must say, things have already started to change by a lil bit. I guess the year '20' makes you see things around you a bit more clearly. There are things that I do see coming and things that hit me right in the face. Absolute shocker!! Life is like that, isn't it? Always surprising you with the bits and pieces. It is truly exciting yet at the same time you take a step back trying to figure out what is actually happening. I LOVE IT!

Lately I have seen people come and go from my life. Some have moved on, living an awesome life. I too, am ecstatic for them and some have made a mark in my life; never failing to put a stupid grin on my face. It hurts to smile when they just randomly ask you weird stuff. All in all, I wish them a great deal of happiness and hope that they got it made already in the real world. I on the other hand, have GOT to deal with my own emotions and not to take things too seriously. When people go, you let go. When people come, you embrace them. Saves me a load of heartache. :D

This is going nowhere. Where am I heading to in this blog post? I think I'm a wee bit distracted since the tv is playing some family drama shiate and in a few more minutes I gotta pick up my brother. Focusing is not my greatest strengths. OI VAY!

Writer's block happens regularly right???


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