Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Odd findings

I've just noticed peculiar things about myself which I haven't really thought about it..

Until I had nothing to do. Holidays. Brings up the worst in you.

ANYWHOS!! It has come to my perspective that I do peculiar actions at times. I'm sure some can relate to these situations. The FIRST - I can never enter a dark room until the light is switched on. I will actually wait for the lights to turn on before I chill on my bed or take a whizz in the toilet. SECOND - Everytime I finish eating a candy bar or ice-cream or whatever that requires plastic wrappers, I'll stuff the trash right into my pockets, even when I am at home and the trash bin is right beside me. THIRD - If I am washing my face with soap and I am facing a mirror, I would always ALWAYS squint to look if there's anything around me. Which will end with painful eyes that have soap in it. FOURTH - I have the memory of a duck. If I am talking and there is this sudden noise or distraction, I'll completely lose sight of what I was saying before. FIFTH - I would sniff my pillow before sleeping, just to make sure it's mine. SIXTH - I have loads of books but I always read the same one over and over again (Archie comic book #16). << That's not even a book! SEVENTH - I probably log into FB like a gazillion times a day, especially during the holidays. EIGHTH - I like eating apples and drinking chocolate milk at the same time. 

Not really odd but I'm pretty sure this is about as weird as I can get when I got nuthin to do at home. bleggghhh..depressing. I'm gonna go and jog.

OH! NINTH - I always say imma jog the next day but every time I say that, I'll wake up later than usual. 11p.m to be exact.

Bro is as messed up as me. SIBLINGS FO LIFE!


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