Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Love has always been seen as the most beautiful thing ever to humans. That can be a true fact but why something so beautiful can bring so much hurt to people? It can represent honey and poison at the same time. You indulge yourself in the sweetness of it all but then it gives you cramps and sudden epilepsy! Death. Okay..death will not be a part of it.

It is nice to have feelings for people. Friends,'s normal to have Love for them. We love and we love yet at times Love just takes you by the gut and twist them. You get all sad and teary eyed and your heart feels like breaking yet you know the cause of it is very minimal. Still you're hurting. But there will always comes a time where one tiny detail brings you back to loving once more. Isn't it odd, the human heart?

I get that way all the time. Like for instance with my family. I love them so much but at times I feel like yelling at their faces. Yet I never do because deep down I know that it is only in the moment and what I am about to say to them may hurt them more than how much I am hurting. So I clench my fist; cursing as much as I could in my mind. Then I'm back to loving them more than before. I don't get it!

Love can be so complicated. I wish that Love could be simpler; filled with only happiness and that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach. That's not true though. It is those two things but it is also accompanied by jealousy,hatred and sadness.

Nobody is made to understand Love completely anyways. :)


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