Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm always logged into this blogger ma-jiggy but it is hard thinking of what to write here eventhough not many knows about this writing stuff.

It kills me not to write about something!

So imma write about a beverage.

I got this photo from as it says there on the photo. Was afraid bout copyright stuff so that is what I'm spose to say, right? ANYWHOS!

I get this drink every time my family and I went to Bing's. The ambience is always so home-y and I cannot NOT get this drink. First it is that whipped cream on top. Usually people just mix the cream with the drink but! I don't roll the way people roll. I prefer to scoop the whipped cream first; abolish it before I drink it. The hint of mint with the cream really is calming and cool. As if it's just a fair warning of what's to come. THEN, you go for the chocolate-y goodness. The chocolate can be overpowering to some but that's the thing. Chocolate is spose to be powerful! And the mint just adds the flavor. I can just sit in that coffee shop with this drink and a book, imma happy gal. 

The best part is always at the bottom of the glass where there is extra chocolate and mint. KAPOWW! in your mouth. OHOH! Heaven..I always do get the chills after I drink it. Literally though cuz that thing is COLD.

I just <3 chocolate and mint too much. Can't be helped. :) 


Fiery Phoenix said...

u should try and eat ice-cream from Gelato Fruity. there are 2 options for you.
1) chocolate mint (choc ice-cream with mint flavour)
2) after 8 (mint ice-cream with choc syrup, shredded choc and cherries)

Pingu said...

wow!! those sound real good. m sure to drop by gelato fruity when m back in kl then. ^^

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