Monday, February 27, 2012

Blanket in hoodie form

I change my cravings from time to time but I NEVA changed my mindset about pullover hoodies. It's like being in a soft nest, nuzzling with the other birds. << That did not just make sense. Every single time I look around in a shopping mall, I'll go bonkers for pullover hoodies but I never could afford them cuz they are darn pricey!! I guess it's because of its thickness and colors. Way to turn a girl down. =.=

Paul Frank's are quite cool with the monkey as a mascot. 

Or any hoodies with the color bluueeeeee just makes everything a wee bit AWESOMER. 

Or a PENGUIN. << le image of Dae.

I've always find them comfortable plus they cover your behind. and keep you safe from the rain or real hot weather. Makes you sweat too which is ESSENTIAL when exercising. 


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