Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Love has always been seen as the most beautiful thing ever to humans. That can be a true fact but why something so beautiful can bring so much hurt to people? It can represent honey and poison at the same time. You indulge yourself in the sweetness of it all but then it gives you cramps and sudden epilepsy! Death. Okay..death will not be a part of it.

It is nice to have feelings for people. Friends,'s normal to have Love for them. We love and we love yet at times Love just takes you by the gut and twist them. You get all sad and teary eyed and your heart feels like breaking yet you know the cause of it is very minimal. Still you're hurting. But there will always comes a time where one tiny detail brings you back to loving once more. Isn't it odd, the human heart?

I get that way all the time. Like for instance with my family. I love them so much but at times I feel like yelling at their faces. Yet I never do because deep down I know that it is only in the moment and what I am about to say to them may hurt them more than how much I am hurting. So I clench my fist; cursing as much as I could in my mind. Then I'm back to loving them more than before. I don't get it!

Love can be so complicated. I wish that Love could be simpler; filled with only happiness and that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach. That's not true though. It is those two things but it is also accompanied by jealousy,hatred and sadness.

Nobody is made to understand Love completely anyways. :)
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blanket in hoodie form

I change my cravings from time to time but I NEVA changed my mindset about pullover hoodies. It's like being in a soft nest, nuzzling with the other birds. << That did not just make sense. Every single time I look around in a shopping mall, I'll go bonkers for pullover hoodies but I never could afford them cuz they are darn pricey!! I guess it's because of its thickness and colors. Way to turn a girl down. =.=

Paul Frank's are quite cool with the monkey as a mascot. 

Or any hoodies with the color bluueeeeee just makes everything a wee bit AWESOMER. 

Or a PENGUIN. << le image of Dae.

I've always find them comfortable plus they cover your behind. and keep you safe from the rain or real hot weather. Makes you sweat too which is ESSENTIAL when exercising. 

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

pretty watches

can i puhleassssseeee get one in red or yellow? this would look totally cool if i had 4 more people wearing the different colours. POWER RANGERS HAIYAKK!! imma start collecting muneh now.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starry night plus a satellite

I've had a lot of free time on my hands so I've been trying to figure out what to do when I'm back home. Just lil stuff like bringing my brother out, taking Mum to the bookstore to buy books or go cycling with Dad. Just lil things to occupy my time here before I return back to UiTM.

Just last night, it was after dinner and it was my turn to take the trash out. I was never a fan of taking the trash out but bro's gotta take a break from throwing away the cat poop and trash so I thought it'd be best if I did it once in awhile. I locked the gate and I just stood right in the middle of my driveway and looked up. The sky had diamonds~ twinkling stars that made everything better. I just..couldn't stop staring at them so I laid down on the driveway by myself looking at the stars, accompanied by a soft breeze. And all I could think of was that..

It'll be even more of a moment if I had someone to share it with. :')

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Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm always logged into this blogger ma-jiggy but it is hard thinking of what to write here eventhough not many knows about this writing stuff.

It kills me not to write about something!

So imma write about a beverage.

I got this photo from as it says there on the photo. Was afraid bout copyright stuff so that is what I'm spose to say, right? ANYWHOS!

I get this drink every time my family and I went to Bing's. The ambience is always so home-y and I cannot NOT get this drink. First it is that whipped cream on top. Usually people just mix the cream with the drink but! I don't roll the way people roll. I prefer to scoop the whipped cream first; abolish it before I drink it. The hint of mint with the cream really is calming and cool. As if it's just a fair warning of what's to come. THEN, you go for the chocolate-y goodness. The chocolate can be overpowering to some but that's the thing. Chocolate is spose to be powerful! And the mint just adds the flavor. I can just sit in that coffee shop with this drink and a book, imma happy gal. 

The best part is always at the bottom of the glass where there is extra chocolate and mint. KAPOWW! in your mouth. OHOH! Heaven..I always do get the chills after I drink it. Literally though cuz that thing is COLD.

I just <3 chocolate and mint too much. Can't be helped. :) 
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Odd findings

I've just noticed peculiar things about myself which I haven't really thought about it..

Until I had nothing to do. Holidays. Brings up the worst in you.

ANYWHOS!! It has come to my perspective that I do peculiar actions at times. I'm sure some can relate to these situations. The FIRST - I can never enter a dark room until the light is switched on. I will actually wait for the lights to turn on before I chill on my bed or take a whizz in the toilet. SECOND - Everytime I finish eating a candy bar or ice-cream or whatever that requires plastic wrappers, I'll stuff the trash right into my pockets, even when I am at home and the trash bin is right beside me. THIRD - If I am washing my face with soap and I am facing a mirror, I would always ALWAYS squint to look if there's anything around me. Which will end with painful eyes that have soap in it. FOURTH - I have the memory of a duck. If I am talking and there is this sudden noise or distraction, I'll completely lose sight of what I was saying before. FIFTH - I would sniff my pillow before sleeping, just to make sure it's mine. SIXTH - I have loads of books but I always read the same one over and over again (Archie comic book #16). << That's not even a book! SEVENTH - I probably log into FB like a gazillion times a day, especially during the holidays. EIGHTH - I like eating apples and drinking chocolate milk at the same time. 

Not really odd but I'm pretty sure this is about as weird as I can get when I got nuthin to do at home. bleggghhh..depressing. I'm gonna go and jog.

OH! NINTH - I always say imma jog the next day but every time I say that, I'll wake up later than usual. 11p.m to be exact.

Bro is as messed up as me. SIBLINGS FO LIFE!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've forgotten what I've started fighting for.


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Questionable Post

It's one day after the other and I must say, things have already started to change by a lil bit. I guess the year '20' makes you see things around you a bit more clearly. There are things that I do see coming and things that hit me right in the face. Absolute shocker!! Life is like that, isn't it? Always surprising you with the bits and pieces. It is truly exciting yet at the same time you take a step back trying to figure out what is actually happening. I LOVE IT!

Lately I have seen people come and go from my life. Some have moved on, living an awesome life. I too, am ecstatic for them and some have made a mark in my life; never failing to put a stupid grin on my face. It hurts to smile when they just randomly ask you weird stuff. All in all, I wish them a great deal of happiness and hope that they got it made already in the real world. I on the other hand, have GOT to deal with my own emotions and not to take things too seriously. When people go, you let go. When people come, you embrace them. Saves me a load of heartache. :D

This is going nowhere. Where am I heading to in this blog post? I think I'm a wee bit distracted since the tv is playing some family drama shiate and in a few more minutes I gotta pick up my brother. Focusing is not my greatest strengths. OI VAY!

Writer's block happens regularly right???
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Young and Wild and Free

I don't know why I'm listening to this's real catchy!!

"So what we go ouuuuut? So what we smoke weeeeeed?"

p.s I no smoke weed. It's the song.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

11 Days of Camp

I am so glad I am back home. Kiss the ground and put my fist in the air.

Let's just say those 11 days can I put it? it was like..being burn alive. Literally. Shah Alam weather is unbearable.

First day was rough already so can you just imagine the rest of the days??  I went through the camp listening to loud yelling, punishments that can be unbearable when you're tired, the limited time you have to just take a break!! Barely had 5 minutes to just sit down and take a breather. We will all be sweating then! with all the sweating we'll pray first then run down towards the fields to get tan again.

Days go by, feels like it won't end. Every single day I trudge back into my room at 1a.m thinking that I might get a wink of sleep but all I end up doing is polishing boots and ironing my clothes..practically half awake most of the time. Wake up at 5a.m, wear those impossible clothes and run down with combat boots to more running, marching and gruelling exercises. Seriously..every one of us had our meltdowns..crying over half polished boots and missing socks. T.T pathetic.

There were people who chose to leave and I must admit I had the urge to leave as well but I was committed and I can't back down now so I stayed on with the rest. I'd be lying if I said I was not crushed when I saw people leave..but there was one person who kept on giving us support.

Kak Atie.

She's our current Kompeni F leader and first impression, thought she was some sort of emotionless psycho who loved to pick on anyone. BUT NO. In person, super shy and extremely polite! The uniform has powers I tell you. Anyways, we didn't have any masscomm seniors with us during the camp while others had theirs so it was depressing.

But by the 6th or 7th day..couldn't remember..there she was, smiling at us dressed in casual clothes saying she had something to meet up with her lecturer for a day or two. Didn't have time to chat but her presence really lifted us up. First thing she did was refilled all our big mineral bottles when we were rushing. After our activity, we came back and she helped us with polishing boots, sewing our clothes and ironing them when we fell asleep in our baju kurung. The thing is, it was against the rules for her to help yet she did. :') Woke up the next day, panicking because we didn't finish anything but alas. There were all done, right next to the sleeping kak Atie who helped us til the wee morning.

She had to go back on the same day but we were truly grateful. People like that is what kept us moving on. Same goes to our parents, friends and etc.

At the end of the day, we finally had the biggest victory, the title of KOMANDER RENDAH MUDA.

Sounds pretty sweet, looks awesome too. No parents to help put on the title though but still!! Victory is within the palm of my hands.

Wouldn't make it without the support of others so THANK YOU.
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