Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a brand new living

It's year 2012 already. The year filled with high expectations. :) I'd say that we lived a great 2011. We took the chance to try new things, explore a little, definitely LIVE a little and manage to surprise even ourselves. A good accomplishment indeed.

2011, thank you for the memories. It's been wonderful but it's time to move on. 2012, don't be a bitch. That's all I'm asking for. AHAHAHA!

Like my OH, I too have come to find that I have no new year's resolution because I feel that everyday we gain a new resolution. So there's no point to start one because we're doing it! Live life and live well~ I guess I sorta have a new year's resolution now that I think about it. I hope to become a better daughter to my parents, a better student when it comes to education and a better friend to those closest to me.It seems like a hefty task but I believe that I'm capable of change. So why not? Any wrong doings, please forgive and for any RIGHT doings, I thank you for making me a better person.

This year the celebration feeling is a little quiet as being far apart from family can be hard. I've taken this as a lesson for me so that when it comes to any bigger celebrations like this, I won't take it too hard. Alas, I guess I'm still a wuss because I still have the need to shed tears. :') Mee, Dee and Abdel, Happy New Year. I wish for you eternal happiness and may it be a prosperous year for all of us. Pop the sparkling juice bottle for me as usual. LOL. That stuff is real sour. I miss you all and I'll be seeing you soon; in the year of 2012! Kisses from afar~!

Happy New Year everybody. Lots of <3


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