Friday, January 13, 2012


Ma sick band-aid~ Kau hada? Tak hada kan? 

It's nothing to be proud of really cuz I can only eat like a wuss and I wince everytime I hit a door. or a person or myself. But still. Too cool.

Bukannya slalu dapat memori yang yesss!! I like you band-aid. I like you a lot. 

Efah, Atin, Sara, Fara and I went to this bistro and there was this tiny lil curly haired girl ushering us to our table. 

"Berapa umur dik?"

"EMPAT!" *show fingers* 

Kids..they always yell answers. It is sooo cute.

Then she asked, "KAK! Napew tangan akak tu?"

*points at band-aid* "Akak nie kene patuk ular", Efah jawab.


"Haah..tapi tak sakit pon. Tengok." *Efah hits hand*

"OOOO..pukul lagi."

*Efah hits again*

"Try adik pukul..serious tak sakit."

She missed but she was still frightened.

I'm saying "AWWWW~" on the outside but inside "Mother effing shiate THAT HURTS!!" 

Efah ambik opportunity tu..Anywhos, memories created.


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