Wednesday, January 25, 2012

26th Jan

I stubbed my lil toe against the bed post. 


can this be a reason not to go to camp? *angelic face*

Pffftt. Puhlease..Only be excused until we break our arms and legs..ohoh! Exaggeration at its best. But nah..I look forward to this gut wrenching camp. 23 hours left til I return back to UiTM SA in order to perform my duties as a so-called to-be commander. It's not in a foreign place, it's my university. So why do I feel like I'm leaving for someplace far? ...Because I have it in my mind that it is like joining an army. DUM DUM DUM~~

Kesatria, please be nice to me. Since basically you have taken away my connections from the outside world so you gotta give me a break. Mum, Dad, bro, await my return yawww..i love you guys. oh! and i won't change. I promise. Only during duty shall i be no smiley face Dae. ^^


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