Wednesday, January 25, 2012

26th Jan

I stubbed my lil toe against the bed post. 


can this be a reason not to go to camp? *angelic face*

Pffftt. Puhlease..Only be excused until we break our arms and legs..ohoh! Exaggeration at its best. But nah..I look forward to this gut wrenching camp. 23 hours left til I return back to UiTM SA in order to perform my duties as a so-called to-be commander. It's not in a foreign place, it's my university. So why do I feel like I'm leaving for someplace far? ...Because I have it in my mind that it is like joining an army. DUM DUM DUM~~

Kesatria, please be nice to me. Since basically you have taken away my connections from the outside world so you gotta give me a break. Mum, Dad, bro, await my return yawww..i love you guys. oh! and i won't change. I promise. Only during duty shall i be no smiley face Dae. ^^
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Warden's B'day

Today is Nur Saidah's birthday.

If you're wondering who this person is but you're probably not because you have no links with her whatsoever but imma tell you anyways..her pet name is Shidah and she's my roomate.

*BANG BANG KAPOW* firework explosion.

Sorry I had to steal your photo. Orang nih private sangat!!! haih!

First time meeting her I was frightened because she seemed like the strict type who's anti-social and watch you when you're sleeping so that she can stab your heart!! kidding. exaggeration at its best. xD

I could proudly say that I am so blessed to have the opportunity to meet someone like Shidah. From the beginning, she has always been caring, responsible like the mother type, polite and all around humble girl. She keeps track of her own schedule but never set aside her friends' well being. Most of the nights our room would be filled with her friends,asking for study tips and such. Always there to lend a helping hand.

I too have asked countless advices from her. When I have no clue how to fill up forms or online registrations, she's always one step ahead of me and leading me throughout the process. In the morning, she would gently wake us up for Subuh prayers and always reminding us continuously. She's a real good cleaner as well! Her trusty blue broom at the end of her bed post, sweeping underneath each corners, regardless if it's her side or ours.

Although I have known her for a few months, I can tell that she's a great friend, student and daughter. I have not once seen her with tears in her eyes which tells that she's brave inside and out. I would always have a smile on my face whenever she sits on her bed, reciting words from the Quran calmly and all I can think of is that, "This gal is special".

Shidah, today is the you were born. Thank you for your existence. I pray that you would always find happiness wherever you go, you maintain being yourself and all the best in your future undertakings. Though you're not into lovey dovey stuff and you quiver from physical contact but hey! It's your birthday!

I lap you Shidah. *virtual hug*

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Friday, January 13, 2012


Ma sick band-aid~ Kau hada? Tak hada kan? 

It's nothing to be proud of really cuz I can only eat like a wuss and I wince everytime I hit a door. or a person or myself. But still. Too cool.

Bukannya slalu dapat memori yang yesss!! I like you band-aid. I like you a lot. 

Efah, Atin, Sara, Fara and I went to this bistro and there was this tiny lil curly haired girl ushering us to our table. 

"Berapa umur dik?"

"EMPAT!" *show fingers* 

Kids..they always yell answers. It is sooo cute.

Then she asked, "KAK! Napew tangan akak tu?"

*points at band-aid* "Akak nie kene patuk ular", Efah jawab.


"Haah..tapi tak sakit pon. Tengok." *Efah hits hand*

"OOOO..pukul lagi."

*Efah hits again*

"Try adik pukul..serious tak sakit."

She missed but she was still frightened.

I'm saying "AWWWW~" on the outside but inside "Mother effing shiate THAT HURTS!!" 

Efah ambik opportunity tu..Anywhos, memories created.
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Translation like a baus

I have no idea what the title of this song is. All I know is that it's sad and I feel the same way too at times. T.T

For every step I send you away my tears flow,
For every step that you go away my tears flow again,
You're going to a place where I can't reach; even if I spread my arms,
But unable to stop you and I stand here crying.

What do I do? What do I do?
You are going away.
You're leaving me here.

I love you. I love you.
Even if I call it out,
You can't hear it because I'm yelling it in my heart.

All day I try to erase you but I remember you,
All day I say goodbye but I remember you,
You're going to a place where I can't reach; even if I spread my hands,
But unable to find you and I stand here crying.

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ ber tacing-filing lah pulok. Kbai.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a brand new living

It's year 2012 already. The year filled with high expectations. :) I'd say that we lived a great 2011. We took the chance to try new things, explore a little, definitely LIVE a little and manage to surprise even ourselves. A good accomplishment indeed.

2011, thank you for the memories. It's been wonderful but it's time to move on. 2012, don't be a bitch. That's all I'm asking for. AHAHAHA!

Like my OH, I too have come to find that I have no new year's resolution because I feel that everyday we gain a new resolution. So there's no point to start one because we're doing it! Live life and live well~ I guess I sorta have a new year's resolution now that I think about it. I hope to become a better daughter to my parents, a better student when it comes to education and a better friend to those closest to me.It seems like a hefty task but I believe that I'm capable of change. So why not? Any wrong doings, please forgive and for any RIGHT doings, I thank you for making me a better person.

This year the celebration feeling is a little quiet as being far apart from family can be hard. I've taken this as a lesson for me so that when it comes to any bigger celebrations like this, I won't take it too hard. Alas, I guess I'm still a wuss because I still have the need to shed tears. :') Mee, Dee and Abdel, Happy New Year. I wish for you eternal happiness and may it be a prosperous year for all of us. Pop the sparkling juice bottle for me as usual. LOL. That stuff is real sour. I miss you all and I'll be seeing you soon; in the year of 2012! Kisses from afar~!

Happy New Year everybody. Lots of <3
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