Friday, December 2, 2011

Da Fak

O.O Mata bagai nak juling; hadap laptop..hadap buku..hadap muka lecturer..bagai nak rak!!

None stop. There's always work. At first it was soo laid back~ classes were not heavy, no heavy duty assignments~ just as we reach the last two months, KAPOW!!! ada ja kerja that needs to be settled. I have not had enough sleep for the past few days. At the end of each day I worry about some assignments that needed to be settled. You no see that I'm exhausted, prof?? is my own fault. Some could actually be done on time if I have not procrastinate. I know that! It's just that I have no clue why I am so lazy~ I stall, I take it easy~ it's like nothing has kicked in so far. My daily activities are okay but when you no get enough sleep, it'll come back to haunt you. Today I have another test and shall be replacing my kawad at 4p.m~ yeayyyyyy..

Tomorrow!! Kawad! And I have to attend some stupid dinner that the seniors organized. ohhh~~ bila time2 utk bermesra, you guys rilek2 ja~ but when you need us to attend something that has to do with your grades, you beg..I paid cuz I felt sorry. Can I not go? =.=

The rest of the days would be to finish my whatever-ma-jiggy. sigh* Thank you UiTM for taking away my weekend. Saya redha~ Settle things now, can have leisure time later.

Very thankful for Efah and Atin for going through the pain with me and having OH's support from afar makes everything brighter. :D

Like Nike's slogan, "Just Do It". And I shall! I want my leisure time back beeches!


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