Saturday, December 31, 2011

China made

It darn right hurts. But it is darn right true as well. It's unavoidable really; being fake. Heck, I'm like that too at certain circumstances. Like when Mom is questioning whether I'm studying right about now. Hell yeah..I'm not. So yes, if I could be pulling a two-faced situation with my own mother, I'm pretty sure other people out there could be pulling the same trick too. On one another.

I wish I wasn't like that because I know how it feels being on the other side when people do not actually mean the nice things they say about me and it turns out that I am not really in their 'good' list. I would rather cry hearing the truth than smile at a lie. 

From the truth told, you actually made an effort to resolve conflicts and at the end, the chance of being worthy; to be a better person. If talk won't do it, force actions will. If force actions won't do're on your own. << got that from Interpersonal Comm classes. :D

All I know is everybody is probably made out of China. Sad truth but that is how the world is made.

We were trained to be two-faced as the words that we really wanna say may not fit the other person. We analyze our conversation early on before being said. But does that mean that this action should be done everytime? Sooner or later I'd lose sight of what is true and what is just China made.


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