Thursday, December 15, 2011

AYU ayu~

AYU ma kering friend~~ xD I just love calling you that.

It felt real nice getting to see you again. It's been awhile hasn't it?? And yet we're in the same odd UiTM is. Tak bagi jenguk kawan. Alaaaaaaa...

You so semol dearie~ I feel like I can break you into pieces or the wind would just blow you away! Makan banyak sikit!! Regardless, you're still the same ol' gal that taught me loads of things in Asasi until now I guess. :) You took me under your wing before and I am eternally grateful. Every time I look at you, it is like we're back in Lekiu's room; just the three of us, you, atin and I sleeping on the floor together chatting til we sleep. The door barred with a chair to avoid strangers from coming in and taking..our blankets! I don't know why I used blankets. Sounds funnier.

Climbing out the window to hang our clothes and usually I'd use your bed to boost maself up the window. ^^ You helped crash my lock into pieces when I accidentally forgot the code. One of my frequent companions to eat dinner when we were roomates. Always helping me with my tudung-arrangements; I stared at the same facial expression whenever you put the tudung on. Mulut ternganga, mata ke atas; making sure it's neat. AHAHAHA!

It is nice to see you! I like the joy of running towards you from afar and you would reply back with an ecstatic wave. One hug and memories gush out. Awwww~

I miss you Ayu. We should hang some more kay? Insyaallah if the both of us get what we ask with your SUKSIS. Me with my kesatria..we'll be staying in one college! Awesome!


Lil Tiger said...

jarang ni nak dapat sexy gaze from Ayu *saves gambar*

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