Friday, November 25, 2011

Not right

When I think that life is not all that bad, people who goes around spreading sins brings me back to reality.

People who have tongues as sharp as a knife really saddens me. Who are you to say things like that in public about another human being?

May I add that it was your own fault to begin with? At times we should have limitations to how we react. Or how we behave. Others may not find it amusing so keep that in mind.

I'm sorry but I can't tolerate such behavior. I know I'm a ruckus myself so I'm working on it. But try and do something to make yourself better as well.

Inappropriate way of showing your feelings. Inappropriate way of referring others by appearance.

Look into your heart and find other solutions to resolve your feelings. Not by discriminating one another. I hope you know that what you did was not ethical.

Be the kind of human being Allah has created us to be. Embrace others and speak not of horrid words.


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