Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mak Cik Tido Awal

It is not all the time that I get to see yo face, pompwan!!!!

So I'm thankful for Skype. Hooray for Skype!

I may run out of things to say at times because I have no idea what to share with you since I get infos via sms everyday. But! I still strive to struck a conversation because you know I dislike awkward silence. It'll be like 'PAUSE. "AAAAAAA...what else ah?" ' moment. YEESH! It's like I don't know enough pulak kan??

The important thing about Skype pon is to look at faces saja. Talking is just a plus to it. I like the fact that life is good over there. Love listening to Kak Long and Clo's cuteness. Ehehehe! Feel like poking that person you hate in the eyes. Or get her longer length clothes at least. Saves people their eyesight. For the good of man kind!!

I never get tired of looking at that face. Awww~ I just have to grit my teeth with Skype's mangy connection and deal with it. Worse comes to worse, buat YM ja lah!! It's rare for me to Skype with you because degree life is real hectic. It means a whole lot though. :')

Buat lah muka2 pelik slalu ya di Skype!!! I can't put your pictures that I take in Skype if not you'll slit my throat so apa yang ada saya letak, okaayyyys?

Alaaa..chumil lettew. Kbai.


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