Friday, October 14, 2011

Kaunselor cakap..

I just heard a mind blowing talk coming from Puan Hajah Aluyah.

Her topic today was..actually..i couldn't remember but it was pretty awesome!!! I know the title has relations with Love.

As different genders, men and women's desires are two different things. One man would have 4 women in their hearts while one woman has one man in mind. Apparently we were all build that way so us girls cannot really blame boys for having too many girls in mind.

Next next..when it comes to love, it is not always roses and chocolates!! Mesti ada yang patah hati nanti. Those who find it difficult to let go have two things to do. Either fight for it. Or walk away. FIGHT- If you believe that the person who you devoted your love to is meant for you, you find the courage to fess up. Know it in your heart that he/she is the one for you. WALK AWAY- If you see that the person you love is doing perfectly fine and is in contact with other people, it is just not your fate so you REDHA and walk away. Try and see whether he/she is feeling the same way as you do. That's a clear sign itself.

Reasons why you cannot get over the person who has not return your love- You have kept that book open. Book refers to people that you like. For girls, it is natural for them to open book after book after book til they find the right one. But then those open books will result is unresolved feelings that shall be implemented in your life. Puan Hajah said if you ever feel like you can't let go, you have to force yourself to close that book and focus on other books which are more important. Get rid of anything related to Metaphors confuse me. =.= *Around this time, everyone were real quiet* For boys, they open one book at one time and could easily close it up if it's not meant to be. Demm.

Memang susah tapi itu lumrah hidup bukan? So cry she said. Both boys and girls are entitled to shed tears. Boys may say it's not manly to cry. But the truth is, those who are able to cry are ones who are strong.

Learn to love yourself first before loving others is what's most important.


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