Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check lu

College life is a hell of a whirlwind. 

Every morning rushing out the door and you'd stop..

..to check how you look like in someone's window shield. xD

I do that often. And one time, it actually bit me in the arse. Every morning I would either take the bus or just walk to class..being ma cool self *pfftt*, i'd be dressed and ready to go! The thing is, I always forget to check myself in the mirror.

As I walk out, being ma cool self again..I would pass gazillion of cars in the parking lot. "Why not check myself in the window shields?" So approached the nearest car to me and check myself. Hair,teeth,collar shirt straightened out, GOOD!

The whole time I was checking myself, the driver was present. RIGHT THERE! LOOKING AT ME LOOKING AT MA SELF,WHILE LAUGHING. Died in embarrassment. 

Never ever check ma self in a tinted mirror next time. You never know who's behind it. =.= 


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