Sunday, October 30, 2011

Budaks Se-teman

I have no idea what my title meant but it sounds right! To me.

Every morning I find strength in waking up because of Atin and Efah. Efah smses in the morning usually just to wake me up and question me whether I'm still asleep. I always follow Efah's orders..because she's scary. But real good for me. ^^ Atin comes into the room just in case Efah's message had no effect on me by yelling from the door. "DAEE!!! BANGUN! GI MANDI." How lucky am I to have these two chicklets???

Pretty damn lucky.

efah, atin and tata. *When you go to Sogo together, this is what happens..similar bags. xD*

Arigato for staying real patient with me when I keep you waiting, trying to get ready for class. It's real hard to tell who your real friends are lately but I know that you guys are not like that at all.


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