Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It only takes three seconds to know that you're smitten.

Suddenly the world does not make sense to you. When people talk, all you could hear is white noise as you imagine the person you like smiling at you. Everywhere you go, you are haunted by his/her scent and when you do get a whiff, you fall back into clouds, floating in the sky while this shot of warmth running through you like hot chocolate.

Your heart actually skips a beat to the sound of his/her voice or the opposite which is your heart is on a jogathon. Your hand tingles when you accidentally brush against his/her hand. Your knees weaken just by the sight of him/her.

The way the world suddenly explodes in vibrant colors and there you stand, in the rainbow; skipping towards your pot of gold. 

In any case, it takes three seconds to know that you're smitten, a life time to have that person embedded in your mind.


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