Sunday, October 30, 2011

Budaks Se-teman

I have no idea what my title meant but it sounds right! To me.

Every morning I find strength in waking up because of Atin and Efah. Efah smses in the morning usually just to wake me up and question me whether I'm still asleep. I always follow Efah's orders..because she's scary. But real good for me. ^^ Atin comes into the room just in case Efah's message had no effect on me by yelling from the door. "DAEE!!! BANGUN! GI MANDI." How lucky am I to have these two chicklets???

Pretty damn lucky.

efah, atin and tata. *When you go to Sogo together, this is what happens..similar bags. xD*

Arigato for staying real patient with me when I keep you waiting, trying to get ready for class. It's real hard to tell who your real friends are lately but I know that you guys are not like that at all.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If I were to die.

We recently had our LDK and all activities were interesting and fun. There was something at the end of the activity that we had to do and that was to create a will if by any chance tomorrow would be our last day. I thought about it hard and the people that came to my mind first were my parents.

Mum and Dad, if I were to die (touch wood), I would like to say how grateful I am to be blessed with wonderful parents such as yourself. Please forgive me for all the hurt that I have inflicted on you within the years. You should know very well that I have no intentions of hurting anyone let alone you guys. Thank you for being my sole providers in the years I have lived. For putting food on my plate, for providing shelter to keep me warm, for handing me education, for being the ones who kept me safe from harm.In the past, I was a mere child; always asking for more than I bargain for. It has come to my understanding that both of you have done so much for me. You sacrificed your precious time to sit down with me when I have problems with homework, drink chocolate drinks with me while we gossip, kissing my forehead every time before I go to bed. You have always been there for me when I needed you and when I did mistakes you forgive me all the same; still holding out your arms so that I can fall into them. I sometimes let my tongue slip without knowing and I know you can get hurt by that but always..always you would set aside your anger because you love me. Always had my best interest at heart. The more distance I have between you guys, the more heartache I feel. The mere thought of the both of you can bring me to tears because I feel that I am way over here and I won't be able to feel your touch. You brought me up to live life and I have done that because my parents were a part of it. Stay with me forever kay? I love you to the deepest core of my heart. If I had everything, I would hand it over to the both of you. In a heartbeat. You know why? Because the two of you have always been MY everything.

Please know that your daughter misses you. :'(
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Work Undone

Eheheehehe!! I procrastinated again. WHY you say?

I have no idea why!! Idiotic thing to do actually. Superb that I can't get things done on time. Not all the time though. Just subjects that I have no skillz in. I am talking bout...TITAS.

You know you're stalling work when you get back from activities, still dressed in your baju kurung; looking at the screen with your face all blank. Oh. And messed up hair.

It wouldn't be me if I did not capture this documented state of look, aite??

I should probably..go back to my work now. Hokay!! Babai you gais. Hope I'll do okay. Or at least survive for the upcoming Doomsday.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Pain

My abdomen hurts. My BUTT hurts. My thighs burn.

It is the beginning of..Dance Club. Omjaayyyyy!!

yessiree..I freaking joined the Dance Club. Not because I wanna be like 'HEY~~ I know how to dance..blablabla..' I have this thing called Stiffness. Which means..I am like a plank of wood when it comes to dancing. I wanted to be a little more softer when it comes to moving. At least it'll be closer to my goal of being a gentle woman. Ho yeahhhhh..

So yes. Back cracking,stomach churning, sweat galloning begins!!!

Ma, aren't you proud of me? xD

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mak Cik Tido Awal

It is not all the time that I get to see yo face, pompwan!!!!

So I'm thankful for Skype. Hooray for Skype!

I may run out of things to say at times because I have no idea what to share with you since I get infos via sms everyday. But! I still strive to struck a conversation because you know I dislike awkward silence. It'll be like 'PAUSE. "AAAAAAA...what else ah?" ' moment. YEESH! It's like I don't know enough pulak kan??

The important thing about Skype pon is to look at faces saja. Talking is just a plus to it. I like the fact that life is good over there. Love listening to Kak Long and Clo's cuteness. Ehehehe! Feel like poking that person you hate in the eyes. Or get her longer length clothes at least. Saves people their eyesight. For the good of man kind!!

I never get tired of looking at that face. Awww~ I just have to grit my teeth with Skype's mangy connection and deal with it. Worse comes to worse, buat YM ja lah!! It's rare for me to Skype with you because degree life is real hectic. It means a whole lot though. :')

Buat lah muka2 pelik slalu ya di Skype!!! I can't put your pictures that I take in Skype if not you'll slit my throat so apa yang ada saya letak, okaayyyys?

Alaaa..chumil lettew. Kbai.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Kaunselor cakap..

I just heard a mind blowing talk coming from Puan Hajah Aluyah.

Her topic today was..actually..i couldn't remember but it was pretty awesome!!! I know the title has relations with Love.

As different genders, men and women's desires are two different things. One man would have 4 women in their hearts while one woman has one man in mind. Apparently we were all build that way so us girls cannot really blame boys for having too many girls in mind.

Next next..when it comes to love, it is not always roses and chocolates!! Mesti ada yang patah hati nanti. Those who find it difficult to let go have two things to do. Either fight for it. Or walk away. FIGHT- If you believe that the person who you devoted your love to is meant for you, you find the courage to fess up. Know it in your heart that he/she is the one for you. WALK AWAY- If you see that the person you love is doing perfectly fine and is in contact with other people, it is just not your fate so you REDHA and walk away. Try and see whether he/she is feeling the same way as you do. That's a clear sign itself.

Reasons why you cannot get over the person who has not return your love- You have kept that book open. Book refers to people that you like. For girls, it is natural for them to open book after book after book til they find the right one. But then those open books will result is unresolved feelings that shall be implemented in your life. Puan Hajah said if you ever feel like you can't let go, you have to force yourself to close that book and focus on other books which are more important. Get rid of anything related to Metaphors confuse me. =.= *Around this time, everyone were real quiet* For boys, they open one book at one time and could easily close it up if it's not meant to be. Demm.

Memang susah tapi itu lumrah hidup bukan? So cry she said. Both boys and girls are entitled to shed tears. Boys may say it's not manly to cry. But the truth is, those who are able to cry are ones who are strong.

Learn to love yourself first before loving others is what's most important.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Way You Are

I've heard this song like a gazillion times already. And every time I playback, mesti teringat si OH. Minus 'the boy' part. Huh.

"We'll always make it through. As long as you've got me and I've got you."

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is the time when I want to 'ber-emosi'.

I feel feelings that is not meant to be felt. Many times I say to myself "No..don't feel like that.You're not spose to!!"

*Slaps self*

That's so human of me. I feel things, I know a lot about these THINGS but I..

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friends' Promises

Promises. I mean every word when I say that we can last. Friendship that means something would definitely last regardless of the complications.

It is not to be taken for granted these promises. Promise means one thing which is to be kept according to the person's saying. Once broken, aaaa..itulah. broken ja. xD

Take my word for it. XOXO

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check lu

College life is a hell of a whirlwind. 

Every morning rushing out the door and you'd stop.. check how you look like in someone's window shield. xD

I do that often. And one time, it actually bit me in the arse. Every morning I would either take the bus or just walk to class..being ma cool self *pfftt*, i'd be dressed and ready to go! The thing is, I always forget to check myself in the mirror.

As I walk out, being ma cool self again..I would pass gazillion of cars in the parking lot. "Why not check myself in the window shields?" So approached the nearest car to me and check myself. Hair,teeth,collar shirt straightened out, GOOD!

The whole time I was checking myself, the driver was present. RIGHT THERE! LOOKING AT ME LOOKING AT MA SELF,WHILE LAUGHING. Died in embarrassment. 

Never ever check ma self in a tinted mirror next time. You never know who's behind it. =.= 

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It only takes three seconds to know that you're smitten.

Suddenly the world does not make sense to you. When people talk, all you could hear is white noise as you imagine the person you like smiling at you. Everywhere you go, you are haunted by his/her scent and when you do get a whiff, you fall back into clouds, floating in the sky while this shot of warmth running through you like hot chocolate.

Your heart actually skips a beat to the sound of his/her voice or the opposite which is your heart is on a jogathon. Your hand tingles when you accidentally brush against his/her hand. Your knees weaken just by the sight of him/her.

The way the world suddenly explodes in vibrant colors and there you stand, in the rainbow; skipping towards your pot of gold. 

In any case, it takes three seconds to know that you're smitten, a life time to have that person embedded in your mind.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011





Don't make me take you away.

Stupid phone. Seriously getting on my nerves. Sabo jer lah..
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