Monday, September 19, 2011

What is sleep?

Facing the laptop. Fingers placed on top of keyboard yet no words are being typed out. 

Terbaiklahhh..handling assignments is what i do 'best'. Nothing beats the horror of passing up an assignment even I myself am not sure of. I do not even know who's my lecturer! But I heard she was given the nickname, Datin Berry. Omjjaaaaayyyy..lady sounds strict and stuck up.

Terbaikkklahh that I've already misplaced my APA format paper which I desperately need right about now. Degree is certainly a mind boggling experience. And I thought Asasi year was bad enough.

1. I've fallen over in a bus because bus driver was in a rush perhaps. Could've just wait til I hang on to a pole,pakcik!!
2. I wrongly tegur someone by pushing them, thinking that they were my friends. But alas, they weren't.
3. Did not recognize the man that interviewed me who is actually my coordinator. =,=
4. Rode the wrong bus to go to class. Instead took a ride heading towards seksyen God-knows-where.

Pleasant surprises along the way. I look forward to laughing my ass off if anyone of us made an embarassment out of themselves. I, for one sudah malu nak show muka in public.


fahmi masrom said...

i took 3 types of bus to get back to my college aside of sitting on the stairs for the whole journey..haha

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