Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning


I am so tired. I've done things today that makes me wanna collapse on the road and sleep. ZZZZZZZ..

You can say that I went a bit overboard in being too adventurous for a lazy bum such as myself. Must've seen myself like a wonderwoman; accomplishing the impossible. Idiot Dae Iman, Idiot. Oh wells, at least I got a lot of things done. I can't be a sit-on-your-arse-all-day kind of girl. I have to be productive. ...What am I saying??

Started off the day by running by myself towards faculty. I was not LATE. I was just..on time at the wrong time. Mhhmm..kidding. I was early. Had a wonderful spectacular mind blowing, mouth gaping, feet jumping class with my Psycho lecturer, Puan Amelia. She's a whacko but a real cute one. xD 

I couldn't really remember what I did afterwards but I spent that time ALONE in my room. I treasure my messy place. It reflects me somehow. Ohohoho~ But felt guilty afterwards since my roomates are neat freaks. I promised to clean up tonight. And I did. WOO HOO!

Took me quite sometime because Imma pig. Like fo rizzles. With the help of my trusty Roomather, Shidah; she guided my cleaning skills and Walaa! Instant-slightly-better-Dae's-corner. Yeah.

I took up jogging again! Starting today and boy...I am soooo out of shape. Was winded within 15 minutes. That has to be a record. Felt so old and worn out but nonetheless, Imma try again tomorrow. See whether I could beat the first 15 minutes. I should probably stick to running around my college first because fainting spells may happen. :/ Such a wuss.


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