Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photo Comm

Waking up today was bliss. Slept in until 9.30a.m. Would've slept longer but roomate open the blinds so SHINNGGG! Sunlight in my eyes. Yeayyy~

Shidah: Nak makan?
Me: *mumble*
Shidah: Cepat bangun! Pegi basuh muka dulu. Mandi..Nanti makan roti yer..
Me: *mumble* (Got up and wash my face)

Yesssss..I listen to my roomate. Imma good roomate. xD 

Got dressed and did my bed. I have no idea why but I am extremely neat now because of these people. Even if I clean up now, I'm still the messiest. Oh My Gosh....they are neat freaks. Thankful though because they made me change my ways without even realizing.

Walking to class is always a 'joy' too. My Batu Cave stairs. Killer really. If I miss one step, I could literally die. Ok..maybe not die but I'll definitely break something. I had a very interesting class today! It's called Photo Communication. This is not a photography class but more to understanding pictures in a photographer's way. I think. Our lecturer lend us each a camera and gave us 30 mins to hunt for a picture that symbolizes FRIENDSHIP. I took lots of ridunkculous pictures. From people to orange cones. You read right. ORANGE CONES.

But heck. It was fun. Wonder how it feels like to own a DSLR camera. WAAHHH..

Saya tiada duit. Kbai.


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