Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Needing family

I have a tendency to be very lampi (lambat pick up) lately especially when it comes to feelings. 

After 2 weeks of being away then I come to the realization that I am missing my family. :')

It was not out of the blue sort of feeling. It has just been piling up within the time I spent in Shah Alam. Mum and  Dad calls me regularly as to no surprise. They did that back in Asasi days too. Those days they contacted me almost everyday, 4 times a day! But..I am thankful that they took the time to ask about my day when I do not even bother to call them to ask about theirs. I'll try my best to contact you guys often.

Same goes for my brother. He is a pain in the arse at times and always like to get on my nerves. Apparently he finds pleasure in me blowing a fuse. Jerk. He is not all bad though. He treats me well as we both start to age and I do not wrestle him now like I did back then. ^^ I went Facebook browsing just a moment ago and I saw his profile picture. It was me and him; acting like the fools that we really are. I miss my brother.

I'm missing all of them. Even Inik. My prayers are always with them and I hope they're doing well in Sarawak. I probably won't be going back often because Shah Alam is easier for the family to visit me but still..nothing beats home. If I had a whole load of cash, I would go back during holidays. But biasalah budak Borneo~ we love the campus too 'much' that we have to live in it constantly, even on holidays.

In life, we have to make sacrifices and that means we have to decide what's best for us, our future, even if it might take a piece of us away.


fahmi masrom said...

be strong...we all kan ad..^_^

Pingu said...

^^ aha..true.

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