Thursday, September 22, 2011


Listening to stories that focuses on other people's misfortunes makes me feel ashamed of myself.

I, who have been blessed with many things still sigh over what I could not have. When others who are missing part of their limbs, diagnosed with diseases that are deadly; praise the Lord for having the chance to survive another day. 

No matter how hard I try, I still do. Human nature I suppose. But I promised myself to make the best of what I have. Keep a smile on my face as it might just brighten up other people's day. Remember parents' wishes as their prayers are the core source of my success. Embrace friends for who they are as they are made awesome. Be courageous and conquer fears. Try not to be judgemental because bad mouthing others is a sin. Spam my mind with positive thinking! 

If I start to sigh or whine over mere problems, I should stop and think. Don't say "Why me?". Others may just be hurting more than you. Make peace. Just dance and sing, embracing this beautiful gift we call Life.


Lil Tiger said...

Just what I need right now. Thanks Dae :')

Belle. said...


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