Sunday, September 25, 2011


ek eh! Who's those people posing there?

Entah. Can't see. =,=

Anywhos, the lights were spose to be the star of the show so TADAAAA! THIS IS I-CITY. Located in Shah Alam and apparently 10 minutes of walking distance from UiTM. Untunglahhh~

I had the 'brightest' opportunity to witness i-City with friends and I must admit that now I know why bugs like to fly towards the light. Cuz lights are pwetty~~ especially the colored ones. It may seem odd for a 19 year old to be excited about lights BUT these lights are spectacular. Trees that shine at night. Impressive handiwork but real bad for the people in-charge of the electrical bill. Ohohoho~

I wanna bring my OH there someday..Really is worth it! Gaping at lights,touching the lighted trees (but with caution though. Electrocution may occur.)


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