Friday, September 30, 2011

Mommy Genius

Hmmm..apparently Mom got embarassed by the Facebook wish so I deleted it.

But she never said I couldn't write it in my blog. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Congratulations Mom! I've always thought you were some sort of genius out to rule the world, with your genius-ness. Pretty awesome CGPA! I'm not gonna mention it here3.86. but Yeah!! Insane!!

Gossshhh..I wish I was more like you but I am different from you. ^^ Imma try my own style of gaining success, even if it'll take a long time. Nobody says that success is a one-way-step. You gotta climb all 92 steps of stairs to get there! See how I use a staircase metaphor? *High 5 self* Some are just blessed with brains. I love to study those sort of people. They are like my motivational speakers; in my mind that is.

Anywhos, Mom. Thanks for sharing this with me. I wanna be there for your other achievements to come. Take good care of yourself! You will never read this though cuz you don't know my link.



Lil Tiger said...


Aifaa Petra said...

wow! congrats to her! :) hebat mommenh dpt pointer upper class ouuu...

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