Sunday, September 25, 2011

Every little thing

Everyday we move on. We meet new people and get to experience new adventures. I'm happy! Don't get me wrong. But..somehow..everything that I do, no matter who am I with..I miss you.

Have you ever miss someone that somehow everybody end up resembling the person? From the way they dress,the way they talk, down to the way they walk. I have actually! I thought I was delusional.

It's pretty normal to miss someone. Heck, that makes me normal because every human being yearns for the people they care for. It'll be rare to yearn for someone you despise. xD That's just it though. The mind likes to play tricks on us, putting in images that we want to see but certainly can't gain. Like for instance, little trinkets sold on the sidewalk and in an instant you'd be thinking of how your friend/family/alien would love to own this or once own it. A song that pictures moments you'll probably never forget. Even smells from perfumes/deoderants/detergents brings you back. 

Thinking that you won't be missing someone if you focused on other things..well. You're just fooling yourself. :)


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