Sunday, September 4, 2011


Setelah sekian lamanya baru dapat online~~ WAAAAAAA..

It's a day after UTM's registration date and I'm stoked that my OH is having a ball. She's been mms-ing pictures from her orientation week and I must say, UTM is pretty cool! Mixture of unique people and interesting programmes. It's gotta be super exciting, meeting up with old and new friends. Brings back memories from the Asasi days. I can't wait to attend mine. UiTM might be slightly different but hey! I look forward to the changes~ yessiree..

I've been packing since 12 noon. When you're from Sarawak, nothing weigh less than 20 kg. My combined bags would be about 30 kg! SUPERB! I just loooooveeee dragging loads of bags in the airport and campus. *sarcasm* One whole luggage is for baju kurung alone. Woaahhh..Another thing. I despise university forms. SO GOD DAMN CONFUSING! they want this to be certified, NOW that one..NO NO..THIS form has to be certified first. A load of bull. Although degree forms are easier to fill than Asasi forms, it doesn't make any difference..

I hope to have a smooth journey and hopefully have a great first week in uni. If it's not good, I'll make the best of it. ^^

OH, I love receiving pictures from you. It makes me feel that I'm included in it as well. Wait for my own set of pictures!! I wish you well and hope to hear more from you. It's the first week so I won't bother you as much. WAHAHAHA! anywho, you'll forever stay in ma heart and I love you loads. Everyday I've been missing you.  <3


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