Friday, September 30, 2011

Mommy Genius

Hmmm..apparently Mom got embarassed by the Facebook wish so I deleted it.

But she never said I couldn't write it in my blog. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Congratulations Mom! I've always thought you were some sort of genius out to rule the world, with your genius-ness. Pretty awesome CGPA! I'm not gonna mention it here3.86. but Yeah!! Insane!!

Gossshhh..I wish I was more like you but I am different from you. ^^ Imma try my own style of gaining success, even if it'll take a long time. Nobody says that success is a one-way-step. You gotta climb all 92 steps of stairs to get there! See how I use a staircase metaphor? *High 5 self* Some are just blessed with brains. I love to study those sort of people. They are like my motivational speakers; in my mind that is.

Anywhos, Mom. Thanks for sharing this with me. I wanna be there for your other achievements to come. Take good care of yourself! You will never read this though cuz you don't know my link.


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning


I am so tired. I've done things today that makes me wanna collapse on the road and sleep. ZZZZZZZ..

You can say that I went a bit overboard in being too adventurous for a lazy bum such as myself. Must've seen myself like a wonderwoman; accomplishing the impossible. Idiot Dae Iman, Idiot. Oh wells, at least I got a lot of things done. I can't be a sit-on-your-arse-all-day kind of girl. I have to be productive. ...What am I saying??

Started off the day by running by myself towards faculty. I was not LATE. I was just..on time at the wrong time. Mhhmm..kidding. I was early. Had a wonderful spectacular mind blowing, mouth gaping, feet jumping class with my Psycho lecturer, Puan Amelia. She's a whacko but a real cute one. xD 

I couldn't really remember what I did afterwards but I spent that time ALONE in my room. I treasure my messy place. It reflects me somehow. Ohohoho~ But felt guilty afterwards since my roomates are neat freaks. I promised to clean up tonight. And I did. WOO HOO!

Took me quite sometime because Imma pig. Like fo rizzles. With the help of my trusty Roomather, Shidah; she guided my cleaning skills and Walaa! Instant-slightly-better-Dae's-corner. Yeah.

I took up jogging again! Starting today and boy...I am soooo out of shape. Was winded within 15 minutes. That has to be a record. Felt so old and worn out but nonetheless, Imma try again tomorrow. See whether I could beat the first 15 minutes. I should probably stick to running around my college first because fainting spells may happen. :/ Such a wuss.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photo Comm

Waking up today was bliss. Slept in until 9.30a.m. Would've slept longer but roomate open the blinds so SHINNGGG! Sunlight in my eyes. Yeayyy~

Shidah: Nak makan?
Me: *mumble*
Shidah: Cepat bangun! Pegi basuh muka dulu. Mandi..Nanti makan roti yer..
Me: *mumble* (Got up and wash my face)

Yesssss..I listen to my roomate. Imma good roomate. xD 

Got dressed and did my bed. I have no idea why but I am extremely neat now because of these people. Even if I clean up now, I'm still the messiest. Oh My Gosh....they are neat freaks. Thankful though because they made me change my ways without even realizing.

Walking to class is always a 'joy' too. My Batu Cave stairs. Killer really. If I miss one step, I could literally die. Ok..maybe not die but I'll definitely break something. I had a very interesting class today! It's called Photo Communication. This is not a photography class but more to understanding pictures in a photographer's way. I think. Our lecturer lend us each a camera and gave us 30 mins to hunt for a picture that symbolizes FRIENDSHIP. I took lots of ridunkculous pictures. From people to orange cones. You read right. ORANGE CONES.

But heck. It was fun. Wonder how it feels like to own a DSLR camera. WAAHHH..

Saya tiada duit. Kbai.
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Monday, September 26, 2011


Next time you point a finger, I'll point you to the mirror. 

That is how it works. You find fault in others, yet you're oblivious to your own. awesome lah tu.
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Written Someday in the future

If I were to have someone special in my life, I would want him to do nothing else but wait. Just wait. That is all it takes apparently.

I am in no rush, DEFINITELY. Especially when it comes to being in a relationship. But I know I'll find someone who accepts me for who I am, let it be a little insane and clumsy. Someone who has not given up on me, even after a long period time. Now that is someone worth fighting for. Sounds strange and slightly ridiculous but yes! If that someone took the time to wait and stayed loyal throughout the process, I'd say that that person could be the one.

Time is of the essence and truth be told, my clock is still ticking really slow. So I shall take my time and see where it takes me.

But I shall await for that gentleman, just as long as he has waited for me.

It only works when two sides are yearning for the same thing. :)
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Every little thing

Everyday we move on. We meet new people and get to experience new adventures. I'm happy! Don't get me wrong. But..somehow..everything that I do, no matter who am I with..I miss you.

Have you ever miss someone that somehow everybody end up resembling the person? From the way they dress,the way they talk, down to the way they walk. I have actually! I thought I was delusional.

It's pretty normal to miss someone. Heck, that makes me normal because every human being yearns for the people they care for. It'll be rare to yearn for someone you despise. xD That's just it though. The mind likes to play tricks on us, putting in images that we want to see but certainly can't gain. Like for instance, little trinkets sold on the sidewalk and in an instant you'd be thinking of how your friend/family/alien would love to own this or once own it. A song that pictures moments you'll probably never forget. Even smells from perfumes/deoderants/detergents brings you back. 

Thinking that you won't be missing someone if you focused on other things..well. You're just fooling yourself. :)
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ek eh! Who's those people posing there?

Entah. Can't see. =,=

Anywhos, the lights were spose to be the star of the show so TADAAAA! THIS IS I-CITY. Located in Shah Alam and apparently 10 minutes of walking distance from UiTM. Untunglahhh~

I had the 'brightest' opportunity to witness i-City with friends and I must admit that now I know why bugs like to fly towards the light. Cuz lights are pwetty~~ especially the colored ones. It may seem odd for a 19 year old to be excited about lights BUT these lights are spectacular. Trees that shine at night. Impressive handiwork but real bad for the people in-charge of the electrical bill. Ohohoho~

I wanna bring my OH there someday..Really is worth it! Gaping at lights,touching the lighted trees (but with caution though. Electrocution may occur.)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What do you know?

If you know how I truly feel, then you would know why I do what I do. It's not that I do things unintentionally. I have no intentions of hurting anyone but..I want to try and make myself happy for once. I want to be able to do things on my own. Sometimes, I have to be a bitch. You think I like doing stuffs like this? Absolutely not. It hurts but I am not here to please everybody. I would love to please the whole world if I could but I would only do that if it benefits me.

I'm through being the one who gets stepped on. If it means being criticized in public to make myself happy, then why not? If it means I'd be frown upon by people near me,then why not? I have got nothing to lose.

If I ever hurt anyone by accident, I apologize profusely.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Listening to stories that focuses on other people's misfortunes makes me feel ashamed of myself.

I, who have been blessed with many things still sigh over what I could not have. When others who are missing part of their limbs, diagnosed with diseases that are deadly; praise the Lord for having the chance to survive another day. 

No matter how hard I try, I still do. Human nature I suppose. But I promised myself to make the best of what I have. Keep a smile on my face as it might just brighten up other people's day. Remember parents' wishes as their prayers are the core source of my success. Embrace friends for who they are as they are made awesome. Be courageous and conquer fears. Try not to be judgemental because bad mouthing others is a sin. Spam my mind with positive thinking! 

If I start to sigh or whine over mere problems, I should stop and think. Don't say "Why me?". Others may just be hurting more than you. Make peace. Just dance and sing, embracing this beautiful gift we call Life.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

:'"( UWAAAAAAA~~~ so tear-jerking.

For the god-knows-how-many-times-I-watch-this-movie, I still cry. I cried when Anjali left Rahul. I cried when Rahul still yearns for Anjali even after years apart. I cried when Aman's love was not returned by Anjali because of her love to Rahul. I cried a lot, just to summon it.

I could not imagine being Anjali. The fact that she kept her feelings to herself,just for the sake of Rahul's happiness. Stood by her fiance even when she loves someone else. sad!

At least it ended well if not I'll probably won't have any teardrops left!!

Luckily I watched it with my roomates so tears did not fall that easily. Mesti macho sikit!! Who am I kidding? Everybody cried. =,=
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Needing family

I have a tendency to be very lampi (lambat pick up) lately especially when it comes to feelings. 

After 2 weeks of being away then I come to the realization that I am missing my family. :')

It was not out of the blue sort of feeling. It has just been piling up within the time I spent in Shah Alam. Mum and  Dad calls me regularly as to no surprise. They did that back in Asasi days too. Those days they contacted me almost everyday, 4 times a day! But..I am thankful that they took the time to ask about my day when I do not even bother to call them to ask about theirs. I'll try my best to contact you guys often.

Same goes for my brother. He is a pain in the arse at times and always like to get on my nerves. Apparently he finds pleasure in me blowing a fuse. Jerk. He is not all bad though. He treats me well as we both start to age and I do not wrestle him now like I did back then. ^^ I went Facebook browsing just a moment ago and I saw his profile picture. It was me and him; acting like the fools that we really are. I miss my brother.

I'm missing all of them. Even Inik. My prayers are always with them and I hope they're doing well in Sarawak. I probably won't be going back often because Shah Alam is easier for the family to visit me but still..nothing beats home. If I had a whole load of cash, I would go back during holidays. But biasalah budak Borneo~ we love the campus too 'much' that we have to live in it constantly, even on holidays.

In life, we have to make sacrifices and that means we have to decide what's best for us, our future, even if it might take a piece of us away.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

What is sleep?

Facing the laptop. Fingers placed on top of keyboard yet no words are being typed out. 

Terbaiklahhh..handling assignments is what i do 'best'. Nothing beats the horror of passing up an assignment even I myself am not sure of. I do not even know who's my lecturer! But I heard she was given the nickname, Datin Berry. Omjjaaaaayyyy..lady sounds strict and stuck up.

Terbaikkklahh that I've already misplaced my APA format paper which I desperately need right about now. Degree is certainly a mind boggling experience. And I thought Asasi year was bad enough.

1. I've fallen over in a bus because bus driver was in a rush perhaps. Could've just wait til I hang on to a pole,pakcik!!
2. I wrongly tegur someone by pushing them, thinking that they were my friends. But alas, they weren't.
3. Did not recognize the man that interviewed me who is actually my coordinator. =,=
4. Rode the wrong bus to go to class. Instead took a ride heading towards seksyen God-knows-where.

Pleasant surprises along the way. I look forward to laughing my ass off if anyone of us made an embarassment out of themselves. I, for one sudah malu nak show muka in public.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hectic Week

It's been a week and I finally get to online. AT LAST!!!

But I don't really know what to type really except that..

Campus is HUGE. Feel like dying.

Panicking over the fact that I have to pass up a 5 page essay on God-knows-what by Monday.

Ecstatic to be so close to beloved friends and family.

Loving the roomates that I'm with. A bunch of quiet nut jobs.

Extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to continue my studies.

AND...missing my beloved OH who I know is doing really great.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kepada Yang Berkenaan

Thank you for the delightful presents OH!

I'll promise that I will always always always keep it with me. These are my new treasures now. ^^

I couldn't help but take some photos.

 :') My treasures.

And for you!

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Tear Drops

I told my mum not to cry when I leave again.

"You're my only daughter. Of course I'll cry again!"


Dad told me the time when I went to Asasi she cried herself to sleep for three days. I just found out about that recently.

She didn't know that I cried on the first night there after she called.

Mum, you might think I'm tougher but no..I cried as well. Saja nak control macho. Ahahaha! I think this 2nd trip won't be as bad as the 1st one. No more tears kay Mummy?
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Setelah sekian lamanya baru dapat online~~ WAAAAAAA..

It's a day after UTM's registration date and I'm stoked that my OH is having a ball. She's been mms-ing pictures from her orientation week and I must say, UTM is pretty cool! Mixture of unique people and interesting programmes. It's gotta be super exciting, meeting up with old and new friends. Brings back memories from the Asasi days. I can't wait to attend mine. UiTM might be slightly different but hey! I look forward to the changes~ yessiree..

I've been packing since 12 noon. When you're from Sarawak, nothing weigh less than 20 kg. My combined bags would be about 30 kg! SUPERB! I just loooooveeee dragging loads of bags in the airport and campus. *sarcasm* One whole luggage is for baju kurung alone. Woaahhh..Another thing. I despise university forms. SO GOD DAMN CONFUSING! they want this to be certified, NOW that one..NO NO..THIS form has to be certified first. A load of bull. Although degree forms are easier to fill than Asasi forms, it doesn't make any difference..

I hope to have a smooth journey and hopefully have a great first week in uni. If it's not good, I'll make the best of it. ^^

OH, I love receiving pictures from you. It makes me feel that I'm included in it as well. Wait for my own set of pictures!! I wish you well and hope to hear more from you. It's the first week so I won't bother you as much. WAHAHAHA! anywho, you'll forever stay in ma heart and I love you loads. Everyday I've been missing you.  <3
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