Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why So Odd?

It's just a regular day yet I feel somewhat uncomfortable. Huh.

Heavy heart and such. This is not spose to happen. Like something's bothering me but I can't put my finger on it. Must be something in the air that's getting to me. *Spray cologne to make it smell better* Perfume waster!! =,=

I need to start wasting my time by going out with friends, start watching movies in cinemas or get a beverage at a cafe. But naahhhh..that's a lot of work. Might as well stay at home and rot on the floor. Besides, those things are meant to be shared with dearies. Back here, they're all busy with their stuff so I don't have any intention to intrude. Not to mention it's fasting season. Crazy maw keluar around this time!!

A month more to go till degree. I have this awful feeling in my guts. A whole bunch of butterflies. I have one wish that I know would never happen. Like having OH close by; where distance is not an issue. But hey, life usually presents difficulties at first. After that, it's up to our own efforts to make everything work. :)

This is starting to go off topic. HAIYA!! Sorry, my mind's in a jumble. Can't get anything straight when you're fasting. I should start on something to get my brain juices working!! Fo sho I'll get something done. 


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