Sunday, August 7, 2011

Toughening up

As a girl, I can be an emotional wreck at times. That is pretty normal for females. Yet we (girls) try our very best to cover up how we really feel. All our efforts will always come crashing down. Not only to ourselves but also to those who we're trying to hide from.

How I wish I had a heart made out of steel; so that I'll never be able to feel sadness or anguish. To keep a smile on my face regardless of the heart ache. To stop myself from turning away from everybody who cared. To end the tears streaming down my face.

I hate myself for being too easy. Even the smallest thing can turn my mood into a slump. An old picture. Grazing a stuffed teddy bear dusting away in the corner. Rain..when the cold breeze hits your face. A sad song, singing out melodious tunes which resembles certain situations in life.

In life, we crash into dilemmas that we wish wouldn't happen to us. Dilemmas that could bring everything to a screeching halt. But without dilemmas, we wouldn't learn from mistakes. We won't take things into different perspectives. We wouldn't appreciate what we have. It's like history. What wrong doings that happened in the past, should not be repeated again.

I have felt my heart being ripped out countless of times. I have shed so many tears. I have slid away from loved ones. We're allowed to be in a slump but not too long til it deteriorates us. Pick yourself up and walk away from all the rubbish, your head held up high.

Regrets and mistakes, they are memories made.


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