Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tea Issued

Tengah mamai during sahur time; an odd conversation happened between Dad and I.

Me : Dad, you like drinking tea or coffee?
Dad : I prefer coffee but now I'm trying to cut down. It can cause migraines you know? *serious face*
Me : OH! really? That's bad. Anywho, what is tea good for?
Dad : Untuk menenangkan diri, mengekalkan kulit yang cantik~~
Me : *Cuts in* For me, it makes me POOP.
Dad : EEEEEEE..why do you have to say that? Now i have no appetite!
Me : *Laughs hysterically* You're done already.
Dad : No! I haven't finish my egg. Haiya..

Daddy~ Daddy~ xD


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