Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tell me your hopes and dreams. What color you like. What makes you happy. What are you allergic to.  Which ice-cream you prefer. Who broke your heart before. When was your first achievement. When was the day you felt that the whole world collapse right in front of you. 

What you think of me.

I would like to know things that I can relate to. I love blue. I believe that the stars in the sky consists of wishes people make. I prefer having ice-cream cones than the ones on stick. I sing in the showers. I enjoy company, always. I hardly get scars because I am afraid of blood and being hurt. I am a teacher's pet. I have fear of heights.

I don't mind letting my guard down. I want to be able to tell you things about me just like I want to know more about you. 

It's called a DEEPER CONVERSATION. :) 


Lisa said...

loves navy blue.:) thinks the colour is so smart but have not one shirt in that colour. when i was 12 and living in estate, i often caught the sight of shooting stars and make wishes out of it. as i grow older, i know its wrong n i stopped. i was nv injured severely bcz im super careful though i jatuh terduduk sometimes. =.=" i can't watch horror movies bcz then i'll be delusional abt all sorts of thgs...and i dont like reading mystery books.

thank u.:)

Pingu said...

nicely done lisa!! wow..i feel closer to you already. ^^

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