Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sekaip so convenient to keep in touch with loved ones. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH SEKAIP!! Even if it likes to  disconnect plenty of times. Loves to blur our vision from seeing the other person from the other line. Absolutely indulges in the fact it can make us sound like robots; impossible to catch the other's speech. =,=

But when you put aside all the bad side effects, it's a wonderful thing~ On a good day, it's even better!!

It's like a phone call with moving images. xD

I had a wonderful 2-hour talk with you luvie. Looking forward to the next session. Kalau boleh skype every night kan best?? Boleh lah tengok muka slalu. AHAHAHAHA! But then that just proves that we're lifeless people. Pfftttt..


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