Monday, August 15, 2011

I like Hugs

Hugs. The one word that I can relate to. Pasal apa?? Because it is probably the most easiest and sweetest gesture that could be done among family and friends.

I've always used hugs as a sign that I love the people around me. The 'ones' that I can hug that is. I don't know. Not many people can relate to hugs. Some are afraid of touch. Some are just hug-a-phobic. I've met those hug-a-phobic people. It brings me utmost pleasure to sneak attack one on them. They'll yell like lil babies. AHAHAHAHA! But once I've hugged, you'll be sure that I'll do it again. No worries though. Those friends have gotten use to my hugs. But they stay very still. It's funny to look at.

Why hugs? Why not do cheesy handshakes where you grab each other's hand and pull them close? Well..that's like a hug too!! Hugs are warm..When you hug someone, there is no gap between you and the hug receiver. Just that close embrace saying "I appreciate you." I'd like to think of it as two people being a WHOLE. Gawwwsshhh..I wish I could give free hugs like how the Americans do it. But'll be all wrong. People in Malaysia will just give you odd stares and hit you with pepper spray! << Safety precautions apparently.

To those in particular, Imma hug you as soon as I see you. ^^


avvang said...

i got jealous reading this post. :p

Pingu said...

pfffttt wang. pfffftttttt

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