Thursday, August 18, 2011



I swear..sometimes..I feel like stuffing noisy eaters' mouths til they choke. It may sound cruel but I can't help it~

In my own family, I have my set of noisy eaters. Dad. Cousin. Always, I want to pull my hair out just listening to the munching and noisy slurping and..AND heavy breathing. PLEASE LAH..keep it shut.

I'm astonished that baru know I feel so pissed off. Before this, I was not that bothered by the chomping sounds and whatnot. Maybe it's Puasa time. I guess that explains it all.

And I'm always more agitated in during Sahur. I'm sleepy and I have to wake up at 4 a.m. Who wouldn't be grumpy?? I have discovered ways of holding in my anger though.

1. Face a wall when I eat. I don't know how this helps but it distracts me.
2. Clench my fist really I'm trying to squeeze out water from the air.
3. Close my eyes and talk to myself.

That is why I fix myself to not eat noisily in front of anyone because they might be as annoyed as I am. No more slurping tea. No open mouth eating. No noise means peace. I like it that way.

Somehow I think this agitation of mine has made me more lady-like when I eat. CHE WAH.


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